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EpiComp 2012

EpiComp 2012
The 2012 Epic Armageddon Painting Competition

Welcome to the tenth annual EpiComp.

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The Goal:

The general aim of this competition is simply to encourage players to get painting and show off what they can do. I encourage people to enter no matter how good or bad their painting and converting skills are.
  • Entry Submission - 0000 UT, September 1, 2012
  • End of Entry Submission - 2359 UT, December 17, 2012
  • Voting - 0000 UT, December 22, 2011 (subject to change)
  • End of Voting - 2359 UT, December 29, 2011 (subject to change)

For the purposes of these categories Epic models include models from any edition of Epic or 40k universe 6mm conversions. EpiComp respects the IP and copyright of all manufacturers and reserves the right to exclude any entry we feel is unsuitable.
  • Best Single Model - Any single 6mm Epic vehicle/flyer or stand of troops.
  • Best War Engine - Any single 6mm Epic war engine (Titan, super-heavy tank/flyer, etc).
  • Best Battleforce - Three or more of the following:
    • Three or more 6mm Epic vehicles or stands of troops
    • One or more 6mm Epic war engines
  • Open - One of the following:
    • A diorama
    • A terrain piece
    • Any 6mm sci-fi vehicle/flyer, stand of troops, war engine or battleforce of models from Baccus 6mm, Ground Zero Games, Plasmablast Games or any other 6mm sci-fi manufacturer
  • Dark Realm Miniatures - Any 6mm sci-fi vehicle/flyer, stand of troops, war engine or battleforce of models from Dark Realm Miniatures.
  • Exodus Wars - Any 6mm sci-fi vehicle/flyer, stand of troops, war engine or battleforce of models from Exodus Wars.
  • Microworld Games - Any 6mm sci-fi vehicle/flyer, stand of troops, war engine or battleforce of models from Microworld Games.

You do not have to be a member of these boards to enter (you do to vote however). Just e-mail your entry.

Please include the following:
  • Your name, and TacComm member name if applicable
  • A 1024x768px image of your entry in .jpg format
  • The title for the image
  • The category that you wish to enter the image in
Entries should be models that you've completed during the past year and not previously entered in an EpiComp competition. Entries already posted here or elsewhere on the internet can still be entered.

Because EpiComp tries to keep the entries as anonymous as possible please keep identifying information (eg your name/TacComm member name) out of the entry.

Voting will take place on these boards, so you'll have to be a member here in order to vote. I'll break down each category into heats and the winners of each heat will go onto the final for a second round of voting.

Voting is set (tentatively) to begin on December 15, 2011. It all depends on whether the galleries are up though so this date and the end of voting are both subject to change.

The prizes for the categories will be announced as I get them. A big thank you to those who have already donated! If you're thinking about donating something please PM me! EpiComp relies on the community's support and the great manufacturers who make our models for prizes!

One prize will be awarded to the winner of each category. A conversion prize will also be awarded to the best conversion across all the categories. This will be decided on by CyberShadow, NealHunt and myself (so feel free to shower us with bribery, ass-kissing, and the like).

Any winner will be awarded a maximum of one prize. If an entrant wins two categories they'll be able to choose the prize from either category. The prize from the other category will be awarded to the second-place entry in that category.
  • Best Single Model - EW Marcovian Small Behemoth
  • Best War Engine - EW Marcovian Small Behemoth
  • Best Battleforce - Zho Large Behemoth
  • Open -A selection of Epic blisters from CyberShadow
  • Dark Realm Miniatures - 50 DRM gift certificate from Doug
  • Exodus Wars - a EW Marcovian Large Behemoth from Tom
  • Microworld Games - $40 MWG gift certificate from Steve
  • Conversion - an Epic FW multi-part Space Marine from Tuffskull
Additional Rules:

All decisions are final, any prizes are non-negotiable and the competition organizers reserve the right to remove competition entries or request that they are resubmitted or altered. We will hopefully never need this stuff, but just in case...