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Competition - EpiComp
The 2012 Epic Armageddon Painting Competition

Single Unit
War Engine
Battleforce 01
Battleforce 02
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Dark Realm Miniatures
Exodus Wars
Microworld Games

These pages contain large images and may require more than a minute to download on a 56K modem. You have been warned.

Category - Single Unit

SU-1. Ultramarine Land Raider
SU-2. Ork Nobz
SU-3. Space Wolves Terminators
SU-4. Monolith
SU-5. Carnifex
SU-6. Hive Tyrant

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Category - War Engine

WE-1. Iron Warriors Ordinatus
WE-2. Feral Titan
First Place - Conversion
WE_3. Warhound
WE-4. Ordinatus
WE-5. Salamanders Landing Craft
Second Place - Conversion
WE-6. Bad Moonz Great Gargant
WE-7. Chaos Baneblade
WE-8. Its a trap
WE-9. Hierophant

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Category - Battleforce - Heat One

BF-01. Necron Army
BF-02. Ork Army
BF-03. Space Wolves Army
BF-04. Tyranid Army
BF-05. Trudging Smelly Doom
BF-06. Desert Knights
BF-07. Trygons
BF-08. Tyranid Battleforce

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Category - Battleforce - Heat Two

BF-09. Death Guard Battleforce
BF-10. Iron Warriors Battleforce
BF-11. Blood Ravens Land Speeders
BF-12. Imperial Knights and Robots
BF-13. Ultramarine Battleforce
BF-14. Artillery
BF-15. Waa Nazdreg warband

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Category - Open Category

OP-1. Iron Warriors Objective Marker
OP-2. Iron Warriors Terrain
OP-3. Eridani Light Horse Thunderbolt
OP-4. Ork Air Base
OP-5. Terrain
OP-6. Anti-Spacecraft Lascannon
OP-7. Ditched

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Category - Dark Realm Miniatures

DRM-1. Necron Immortals
DRM-2. Necron Heavy Destroyers
DRM-3. Necron Warriors
DRM-4. Titan Warhound
DRM-5. Space Wolves Dreadnoughts
DRM-6. Kaon Beast
DRM-7. Battleforce

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Category - Exodus Wars

EW-1. Droid Controller
EW-2. Khazari Mining Group
EW-3. Necron Obelisks and Monoliths

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Category - Microworld Games

MWG-1. Behemoth
MWG-2. TEF Growlers

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