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Competition - GothiComp
The 2012 Battlefleet Gothic Painting Competition

Ships - Heat One
Ships - Heat Two
Ships - Heat Three
Ships - Heat Four
Ships - Heat Five
One Hit - Heat One
One Hit - Heat Two
One Hit - Heat Three
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These pages contain large images and may require more than a minute to download on a 56K modem. You have been warned.

Category - Single Ships

Heat One

1-A. Dark Eldar Mortalis
Conversion Winner
1-B. The Glory - Shimano Battleship
1-C. Pandorica - Hulk
1-D. Hilarious - Acheron
1-E. Torture Class Cruisers

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Heat Two

2-A. Carcharodon Strike Cruisers
2-B. Marine Strike Cruisers
2-C. Pride of Fenris - Battlebarge
2-D. Lugulatis - Transport
2-E. Shield of Euphemia - Vengeance

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Heat Three

3-A. Carcharodon Battlebarge
3-B. Eldar Aurora
3-C. Seditio Opprimere Battlebarge
3-D. Grey Knight Battlebarge

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Heat Four

4-A. Catalyst Battleship
4-B. Tau Protector
4-C. Vision of his Glory
4-D. Dauntless - Apocalypse

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Heat Five

5-A. Marine Strike Cruisers
5-B. Eldar Dragonship
5-C. The Sovereign - Dictator
5-D. The Havana - Flagship

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Category - One Hit Ships

Heat A

A-A. Sword Frigates
A-B. Nova Frigates
A-C. Ramships
A-D. Corsair Escorts
A-E. Nova Frigates

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Heat B

B-A. Subjugations
B-B. Cobra Destroyers
B-C. Imperial Transports
B-D. Gladius Frigates
B-E. Shadowhunters

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Heat C

C-A. Imperial Defences
C-B. Castellan Frigates
C-C. Hunter Destroyers
C-D. Gladius Escorts

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Category - Fleets

Heat I

I-A. Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet
I-B. Grand Fleet of Voss
I-C. Imperial Navy Battlegroup
I-D. Ultramarine Fleet
I-E. Space Wolves Fleet

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Heat II

II-A. Dark Eldar Fleet
II-B. Grey Knight Battlefleet
II-C. Battlefleet Caridad
II-D. Tau Strike Fleet
II-E. Biel Tan Fleet

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Heat III

III-A. Carchardon Fleet
III-B. Bastion Fleet
III-C. Dark Eldar Fleet
III-D. RSN Fleet

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