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Battlefleet Gothic - Rules Resources

Remastered Official Rulebook (v1.10, updated; 7th May 2024)

"The goal of this project was to compile the 2007 digital rulebook and the 2010 Compendium into one document with updated layout and artwork, and without altering any rules. Additionally, it contains the campaigns from Battlefleet Gothic: Armada; but NOT any ships, as this would have doubled the page count, and would have caused constant page flipping from the rules to the ship profiles and back. You can find the rules for all fleets and ships in the Remastered Fleets book."

Remastered Official Fleets Book (WiP)

"This book has everything that wasn't in the Remastered Rulebook: rules for fleet creation, refits, and all fleets with all ships and defences. It includes all changes to the rules that occurred over the lifetime of Battlefleet Gothic and removes the need to flip through the original rulebook, the Armada book and the changes or new rules in the 2010 FAQ/Errata."